New Level Golf introduces the next evolution in iron performance with the debut of the 480-DB forged irons

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New Level Golf, renowned for its commitment to precision craftsmanship and player-centric innovation, today announces the latest addition to its 480-Series lineup of custom equipment dubbed the 480-DB Forged Irons. Representing another milestone in design excellence and performance engineering, the 480-DB presents a dynamic balance for players who seek traditional aesthetics with modern performance. The complete 480-Series includes the 480-TC Forged Irons, currently being played by PGA TOUR winner, Ryan Moore, and PGA TOUR Champions winner, Steven Alker, and the 480-MC Forged Irons currently being played by Alistair Docherty on the Korn Ferry Tour. 

“We believe the 480-DB series represents a significant investment in the future of New Level Golf and the improvement of golfers’ games at every level,” said Kevin Masterson, Managing Director of New Level Golf. “By prioritizing precision engineering and player-centric design, we are confident that the 480-DB irons will elevate performance and redefine equipment expectations for golfers worldwide.”

Derived from the foundation laid by New Level Golf’s award-winning 902-OS model, the 480-DB series is the introduction to an innovative weighting system and enhanced cavity design. Despite slightly larger dimensions compared to traditional player irons, the sole and top line of the 480-DB maintain the aesthetic standards of previous generations of New Level irons. New Level Golf has reduced the loft and offset on this iteration, ensuring that forgiveness and performance remain uncompromised. Specifications of the 480-DB can be found HERE.

At the heart of the 480-DB series lies an innovative cavity design, meticulously engineered to optimize ball speed and create more consistent performance off the clubface. Crafted from 1020 carbon steel, each 480-DB iron is designed to become the new standard for one-piece forged players-distance irons. 

In a departure from industry norms, New Level Golf has avoided the pursuit of chasing sheer distance in favor of accuracy and playability. The 480-DB series features more traditional lofts, offering golfers enhanced control and consistency without compromising distance. 

Driven by a commitment to customization, New Level Golf offers golfers the opportunity to tailor their clubs to their unique specifications including 20+ shaft options at no upcharge. The 480-DB delivers the perfect blend of modern performance with traditional forgings, opening the door for players of all abilities to benefit from increased launch and spin. 

Golfers eager to experience the performance of the 480-DB series can now pre-order their set on the New Level Golf website.