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Troon®, the leader in golf and club-related leisure and hospitality services, and SKINS, the cutting-edge golf app revolutionizing on-course betting games for golfers, today announced a new partnership. The partnership between Troon and SKINS marks a significant milestone in the recreational and competitive golf world, promising to enhance the gaming experience on the course for golfers globally.

As part of this collaboration, SKINS will be designated as a “Preferred Partner of Troon,” significantly boosting the app’s exposure across Troon’s expansive global portfolio of properties and helping to drive SKINS’s core business. In addition to the United States, SKINS is already available in key global golf markets including the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and South Africa.

“Partnering with Troon marks a key moment for SKINS and our mission to enhance the enjoyment, accessibility and ease of use for golf games,” said Ryan Morrison, CEO and Founder of SKINS. “This collaboration will enhance the competitive and leisure gaming experience for golfers globally, bringing our cutting-edge app to a wider audience through Troon’s expansive network of properties. We are excited to continue transforming and modernizing on-course golf betting games to elevate the social experience for players around the world.”

The SKINS team views the competitive landscape of golf apps as validation of the market’s potential. Their focus extends from local competition and leaderboards to the intersection of competitive amateur golf and social media. By enabling golfers to invite others to watch their rounds and share match content, SKINS aims to enhance the social experience of golf.

The ethos of SKINS is about truly gamifying the sport of golf, especially during typical leisure play. Morrison views SKINS as an advancement of the scorecard, which became obsolete after the mass adoption of the smart phone. Players will now track their game and rank as well as communicate to each other within the app through SKINS’ social scorecard.

The company’s genesis stems from Morrison’s passion for golf and the competitive betting camaraderie experienced with friends while playing. Seeing a void in the market for a product to service on-course betting functionality, Morrison set out on an endeavor to craft a highly responsive app that remains seamless for small and large groups of golfers. The result was SKINS, which solves common problems faced by golfers and their groups including:

  • Deciding which game to play with an unlimited number of participants
  • Understanding the rules
  • Tracking game progress through leaderboards and other features
  • Allowing golfers to track standings and game bets in real time
  • Ensuring fair play and accurate scorekeeping
  • Live tournament play
  • GPS course location and course search
  • Separate group games during tournament play such as WOLF
  • Seamless invitations to friends joining

Available on both iOS and Android, SKINS simplifies score entry and bet tracking, making it easy to start a round with friends or even strangers waiting to tee off. The app uses GPS to locate nearby players and courses, guides players through game options, calculates course handicaps, and features a user-friendly interface for score entry and bet accounting. The real-time leaderboard shows wins and losses, and integrates with Venmo and other cash apps for seamless settlement.

Visit to download the app for free and join the revolution in on-course competition. Follow SKINS on social media – @skinsapp.