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Sqairz, a leader in golf performance footwear, known for a unique design that measurably provides more balance, stability, and ground connection, has recently entered the baseball footwear market on the heels of a 10-month clinical study. The medical study was presented at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons International Scientific Conference on February 9, 2024, and shed light on the significant impact of Sqairz’s patented footwear design.

The cornerstone of the Sqairz design began with reengineering the geometry of the toe box to accommodate the natural spread of the toes as pressure is exerted on the ground. This enables a more natural and comfortable positioning that diverges significantly from the restrictive feel of traditional athletic shoes. By aligning with the foot’s natural mechanics, the patented toe box directly translates to improved balance, stability, and energy exchange, showcasing Sqairz’s commitment to fusing advanced biomechanical insights with performance-enhancing footwear technology. After seeing the performance gains recorded in golf, the same shoe construction was leveraged in baseball by simply changing the cleat form factor for the various turf types.

Dr. Paul Klutts, of the Kentucky/Indiana Foot and Ankle Specialists, and his associates initiated this 10-month study. When asked about the success of the study, Klutts reflected, “We began studying the Sqairz technology because we know that there are so many variables that impact the players ability to optimize exit velocity.  What we found as physicians is that from clinical and biomechanical standpoints there is a correlation between increased ground reaction forces of the hind foot with batting exit velocity. We are very proud of the fact that these findings are the first clinical baseball performance shoe study that has been published as a poster presentation at the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons International Scientific Conference.”

The study meticulously examined the subtalar joint’s role and the effect of performance footwear, specifically designed to promote ground reactive forces, on exit velocity. The research concluded that Sqairz baseball shoes, by enhancing ground reaction forces in the hindfoot, measurably improve batting exit velocity. The results of the clinical study findings were groundbreaking: 60.5% of players reported over a 2MPH increase in exit velocity by simply switching their shoes to Sqairz. The significance of these results cannot be overstated. With every 1MPH increase in exit velocity translating to approximately 10 additional feet of distance, this marks a significant advancement in sports science, demonstrating the tangible benefits of biomechanically informed footwear.

The patented toe box is not merely a comfort feature; it is a critical component for athletes seeking to optimize their performance metrics, ensuring that every movement is supported by scientifically backed design principles.

“Our journey began with the goal of enhancing performance in golf, leveraging our patented footwear technology to achieve a notable 2.9MPH average increase in swing speed,” Bob Winskowicz, Founder & CEO of Sqairz states. “This success laid the groundwork for our strategic expansion into baseball, proving our technology’s versatility across land-based sports. After nearly two years of rigorous testing across all skill levels, the benefits have been consistently remarkable. The medical study concluded that by simply changing a player’s shoes to Sqairz, we saw performance improvements in pitching, running, and hitting. The recent independent clinical study validates our findings, underscoring the efficacy of our design. Inspired by this success, we’re excited to extend our innovative solutions beyond baseball and golf, exploring new territories including pickleball. This is just the beginning of redefining performance footwear across sports.”

With MLB players already incorporating Sqairz shoes into their training regimen, the brand is set to release three versions of their GFP baseball shoe: turf, molded cleat, and metal cleat models. Sqairz GFP, standing for Ground Force Production, will be available in May.

Since 2019, Sqairz has been proud to offer measurable improvements to golfers around the world. Their award-winning technology has culminated in three wins on the PGA Tour and recognition by Sports Illustrated as the “Most Technologically Advanced Golf Shoe”. As Sqairz continues to expand its influence beyond golf, this strategic entry into baseball marks a significant milestone, giving baseball players a competitive edge, backed by independent, clinical research. Sqairz’s entry into baseball not only sets a new standard for athletic footwear but also paves the way for further footwear advancements across all land-based sports.